Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Styles

This spring has started out on a sad note because right now it is snowing and yesterday it was 18c but looking ahead to the warmer times it looks good in the world of fashion. The first trend of this season is the denim. Denim has a wide varitey of peices like the jacket, the shirt, the skinny, the straight, the boot cut, and the ripped and all denim is in this season. The second trend this season is the dress because it is award season and everyone is seeing the award shows, and then wanted to be like the stars they see on TV but they know they can so the closest they can get is a dress. Another trend is the floral dress, shirt, skirt anything floral. This trend is always a trend in spring because it is a time when flowers bloom. Also this is not really a trend but everyone needs a pair of sunnies!!

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  1. well guess i need to go shopping, thx 4 the 411... luv ya <3