Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden Fever

Lately I have been working in the yard with my dad. There is dirt and grass seeds on the ground and there are holes in the ground to air the lawn. Also the leaves on the trees are out and the sidewalk shady once again. Which can be a bad thing on those breezzey days. Also the buds of the trees have falling on the sidewalk. Also there is one lone tulip in the backyard we think it is from the old flower patch.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iTouch and iPhone Whats the Point

Most of you out there don't know that I have an iTouch (was once my dad's) but I do. So on the matter I shouldn't be talking about this but I am. So as most of you Apple savvy people out there you and me both know that you need a Wi-Fi to work most of the good parts of the iPod example Internet App store iTunes and some games. So I think either they should have it run not on Wi-Fi or make every place in the world have Wi-Fi. So if you are thinking of buying one consider the opinions.