Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iTouch and iPhone Whats the Point

Most of you out there don't know that I have an iTouch (was once my dad's) but I do. So on the matter I shouldn't be talking about this but I am. So as most of you Apple savvy people out there you and me both know that you need a Wi-Fi to work most of the good parts of the iPod example Internet App store iTunes and some games. So I think either they should have it run not on Wi-Fi or make every place in the world have Wi-Fi. So if you are thinking of buying one consider the opinions.

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  1. I guess i agree with you about the poes and cons with WI-fi but still you cant always get the things we need and want(but i wish there was WI-fi every were) i don't think it would be possible to to have every place have WI-fi but its good to dream. also i don't know if you know this but I'm getting a mac laptop soon and i'm gonna have to a wifi connector. hey and wat do u think on the i pad?