Sunday, January 10, 2010

Teen Vogue Scandal

Okay here is the deal, there is this magazine which is the fashion bible for teens, Teen Vogue. A lot of you have probably heard me talk about it because I do posts about it all the time. Okay so if you are a teen, you know we don't have a lot of money because all we get is 5 bucks a week for shoveling snow off the driveway, well at least in my case. So you would think that they have all cheap stuff that you can get at like Walmart or Fovever 21 but the fashionable things and what not, but no. They have Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Dior and now of couse I love them but can't afford them. But thing that threw me over the fence was $295 socks, yes socks those things that you wear every day so you have about 15 pairs of. Now I love this magazine to death, but still $300 socks, really?


  1. OMG thats a lot for socks for one pair thats rediculous were they cute,or something... Thats so not worth it you can get dollar socks at like forever 21 ps do u have one of thoses their. Luv u KK!

  2. great review but i have seen those socks and they are so cute i want them so bad but my mom wont let me get them until i am sixteen.