Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best Movie....Bandslam

Okay if you think you have seen the best movie ever you are wrong. Today you will find out the best movie right here right now. Now the name of the movie may be weird and if you saw the ad then you might think it was weird but it's not. Bandslam is the movie. I saw it on the flight to England and the flight back. It is about a boy who has a suckish life but then he gets the great news that his mom and him are moving to New Jersey. At first he was invisible but then this girl and him become friends. Next this other girl gets him into doing day care with her and then managing a band. Then they enter for this band competition Bandslam. Now I am not going to tell you if they win or not, but I will tell you that it is a happy ending. P.S there is kissing.


  1. I think u did a great job on writing the review. I t was very detaled. Check your spelling next time.

  2. hey sound like a cool movie ill have to see it we miss u hear. oh and who is this anonymous person that said u write a great review. oh and also i saw julie and julia it was a great funny movie. peace kk.

  3. KK r right.,..This is the best movie.. When i watched it i really liked it me and my friends ,we all enjoy the movie...You can also watch and download bandslam movie and enjoy it...