Wednesday, February 10, 2010

D.I.Y Shirt and How

Okay so lately I have been into D.I.Y stuff and I went a step further. I made a shirt!!! Okay this one I need to give dibs to my mom because she had the idea but I made the pattern. Okay it is really easy to make. All you need is a bleach pen or plain bleach, a dark shirt (won't work on light), and a sink with water (not that high just enough for the shirt). Step 1 put your shirt down on some newspaper. Step 2 get the bleach pen or plain bleach (the pen is for more detail and the plain is for the ty dye look) make your design on the shirt. Step 3 once you have made your design wait and it will change colors. Step 4 when it gets to the color you want just throw it in the water move it around for a sec then let it dry and vola your own D.I.Y shirt!!!!!!


  1. Hi Caylee,
    I'm Wanda- your mom's cousin.
    Hope you don't mind, your mom gave me your blog address so I could take a look. Sounds like we like some of the same things. That is a great idea to use a bleach pen to update a t-shirt. Unfortunately, till now, I have only decorated my clothes with bleach stains! I do some basic sewing and my daughter Blair (22 years old)really liked buying different t-shirts that had interesting designs and we would re-cut and sew them to fit her. Now we will occasionally buy a dress from a vintage shop (or most likely value village) and cut the top off so she has a different top to wear with her jeans. Like you, we are always budget conscious and she has a real flair for putting together great outfits. I noticed that you commented about the socks you saw in Teen Vogue and I agree, anyone that would spend that much on a pair of socks should have their head examined! That much money may be enough to furnish you with a lifetime supply.
    Hope I get to meet you in person soon.
    Your cousin, Wanda