Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dakota Fanning Teen Vogue

I just got my Teen Vogue issue in the mail like 5 second ago. As soon as I saw it was Dakota Fanning I freaked. The issue really shows who Dakota Fanning really is and I think people should know that because so people can miss judge stars and not know who they really are when they are just people like us. Plus I got some really great makeup ideas for her because they say what the star's makeup is. and stuff. If you don't have the issue go and get it right now!!!!!!!


  1. Hey kk sounds cool but who is she? can u post a bloger about her. and do u wear makeup? btw did u know that the modles on magaziines are not healthy because they r so skinny... and the air brush them and put makeup on them to make themlook perfect. so u dont want to be skinny like them.it is not healthy for babys to be made in a body like that.

  2. I cant wait for her to be in newmoon! great blog miss you back in california.